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What does the global chip shortage mean for your business?

CPU chip on circuit board.

For the past couple of years, the tech world has been struggling with a huge shortage of chips. But it’s not just tech businesses that are feeling the impact. So many of the things we use every day contain a chip. Laptops and desktops of course. But also, household appliances, even our cars. It’s hard […]

Your Essential Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

BoldTech April 2022 Guide

Use any device, anywhere, any time. If you’ve ever considered moving your business’s data and applications over to a cloud-based solution, you’d be forgiven for breaking out in a cold sweat and forgetting about the entire thing. It’s complex. And there’s a lot that can go wrong from increased downtime to data loss or things […]

Defend and Invest – Your Technology Strategy for 2022

Jan 2022 BoldTech Guide Protect and Defend

Did you take a short break and disconnect for the Holidays? Even if it was just a few days, that break can give you a clear mind and better focus about where to take your business this year. We like to call this the January Refresh & Refocus. Let us tell you the two technology […]

Biggest Driver for SMB IT Budget Increases in 2021 Was IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Budgeting

In the small business sector, companies were forced to invest heavily into their IT infrastructure as they had no other choice but to have their employees shift to working from home and gain access to work remotely, migrated to the cloud, and bolstered their security. In an effort to assist employees who were new to […]

Cyber Threats to your Business

Cyber Threats Featured Image

The modern workplace requires cyber security to be at the top of your business concerns. Over the last decade our depends on technology has reached all new heights – this doesn’t only apply to the workplace; our homes have become the hub of our technological lives. Your team must know the basics of cyber security […]

Windows 11: The wait is over!

Windows 11 Guide

Windows 11. All the benefits of using the very latest version of Windows in your business After waiting for months since the announcement, the brand new version of Windows 11 is finally here. It’s more secure, has some really interesting new functionality, and greater possibilities to make you more productive. And it looks beautiful to boot! […]