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Make affordable, crystal-clear local and long-distance calls over the internet

Are you struggling with these communication challenges?

Challenges that you might be facing as a business.

Looking for VoIP Telephony in Vancouver?

We can help you with those challenges.

Need an affordable yet powerful communication solution? BoldTech Solutions’ VoIP service lets you make audio and video calls on any internet-connected device from anywhere at any time with special rates. Its plethora of productivity-boosting features, including voicemail-to-email transcription, video conferencing, and find me/follow me call routing, eliminate downtime and enhance staff and clients’ communication experience. Most importantly, every VoIP call is encrypted, protecting confidential information from eavesdroppers.

All you have to do before switching to our VoIP phone system is make sure your office has enough internet bandwidth. We can help assess your data plans and adjust them based on your needs to ensure seamless connectivity with your employees and clients around the clock.

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Why choose BoldTech for your VoIP Telephony?

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Add or remove users from your phone system with ease


Video and Audio

Make video or audio calls from anywhere at any time


Lower Cost

Lower local and international call expenses

Managed IT Services in Vancouver WA Portland Or and beyond


Keep conversation details private and secure

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