Business Continuity

Step-by-step guidelines that help your business get back on track after any disaster

BoldTech Solutions’ Business Continuity (BC) experts will devise a plan that details what you need to do before, during, and after a disaster to minimize downtime and financial losses. This includes making sure your data and apps are backed up in the cloud, preparing equipment needed to work in an offsite location, and setting clear procedures on how you’ll care for your employees in the short- and long-run post-disaster. We’ll clearly define the responsibilities of each employee to speed up the recovery process.

What’s more, we regularly test and adjust your BC plan to make sure it stays relevant and effective, and hold real-life simulations and trainings so everyone knows what to do during a catastrophe.

Our Business Continuity service gives you:

  • Qualified experts – that tailor-make your BC plan based on your business
  • 24/7 Support – so your problems can be resolved pronto
  • Up-to-date BC plan – so you can recover immediately
  • Employee trainings – so every staff knows what to do when disaster strikes your office


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