Cyber Threats to your Business

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The modern workplace requires cyber security to be at the top of your business concerns. Over the last decade our depends on technology has reached all new heights – this doesn’t only apply to the workplace; our homes have become the hub of our technological lives. Your team must know the basics of cyber security and the way to behave online to be as secure as possible, many small to medium sized business lack in even the basic cyber security measures – you wouldn’t leave the door wide open at the end of the workday, so why do you allow your team to do it on the virtual landscape.

Internet connected devices have intertwined themselves into the very fabric of our day to day lives, so it came as no surprise when the criminal community began devising ways to take advantage of the less IT familiar. Criminals will take any opportunity they can to swindle the public out of their hard-earned money, so why would they go out and physically commit crime when they can enjoy – if a sophisticated enough attack – the anonymity that comes from an online attacks. There are actions that can be taken to protect our systems though, the main reason attacks are successful is due to a lack of knowledge on the subject, we hope that by the end of this article you can better prepare your systems and team in the eventuality of an attempted attack. If you still aren’t sure, don’t worry, contact us for expert IT consultancy.


The Methods That Cyber Criminals Use to Attack Your Systems


Ransomware works by encrypting your data on your system, in the process denying you access to it – this makes it one of the most frustrating forms of attack. The cyber criminal will take over control of your data and demand a ransom for its safe return. Cyber criminals will set time restrictions on when payment is due in an attempt to force you into making a decision to pay, without giving it a second thought. They do this by threating deletion – or even worse – the sale and distribution of your sensitive data on the Dark Web.

We understand the temptation to just think, ‘I’ll pay the money, get it over with, and get on with my work.’ But you cannot trust a criminal, paying would not only not guarantee that you are even re-granted your access, but also advertising to them that you have the funds and are willing to pay what they want when they want it.



Phishing is a form of cyber attack that takes place via email. The attacker will send an email that is cleverly masked as though it is sent from a trusted source, usually a person within the business that you regularly engage with, or sometimes – if more sophisticated – a brand or government department that would carry an equal level of recognition and trust from most people.

The emails themselves are the vessel for a problem, which could take the form of an invoice or fine to pay, or a requirement to reset or update credentials or personal information – a problem cleverly decided on, it forces you to act with a sense of urgency, and urgency is likely to make you act rashly and therefore not vet the familiarity of who sent the email.

If the cyber criminal were to succeed, they would have full access and control over personal, valuable information from their target – that could be as harmless as someone’s age, all the way up to serious details like credit cards, personal contact information or login credentials. To get this information, the phishing attack will lure the unsuspecting victim to act quickly, by clicking a link embedded within the email that may result in a variety of different actions, but most probably resulting in malicious software being downloaded to the victims’ machine or even simply arriving at a spoof website with a form to collect such data.



Malware can be devastating. Its goal is to steal your data, but is designed with the intention of causing damage, destruction, and chaos to your systems. Malware is unique in the fact that it is often designed, orchestrated, and managed by a group of cyber criminals, most other attacks are conducted by a lone assailant. The group will sell the software on the Dark Web for others to use or use it themselves – either way it causes carnage in the end

Your business could come under attack in a list of different ways, but with knowledge on the most common forms of attack, you and your team can begin to protect your business from what could be a debilitating attack. It is essential that you implement and maintain the correct tools to aid in the protection of your business – if this seems difficult, our expert IT consultancy could help you.


Cyber Security – Guaranteed

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